Tribe of the Red Horse


Wayne Whitzell, known to his musician friends as “Tex” has spent the last decade playing Texas blues and N’awlins funk with bands such as San Francisco’s Bodacious and Sacramento’s Cold Sweat. However, for this project, Wayne is returning to his musical roots. “Neil Young was the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place” says Wayne. “Having gotten a little older,” he continues, “and a little wiser – revisiting this material has brought it to life in ways I never expected.”
Frank Kenney has been playing guitar since he was just thirteen years old. As an in demand acoustic player, Frank has a reputation for solid skills and a driving rhythm style. A veteran of many musical genres from Southern Rock to Contemporary Worship styles has given Frank a wide range of talent that is well-suited to the variety found in Neil’s catalogue. Frank is an avid skier and heads for the powder at every opportunity.
Charles Williams began playing string instruments, the cello, and later the upright bass at the age of nine. He took up the electric bass at the age of fifteen and started playing professional gigs at seventeen. Since then, Charles has [played with almost every kind of band. From power pop to punk, from heavy metal to dance music, from country to progressive, from glam to glitter. Charles has the chops (and the wardrobe!) to play almost any kind of music. He is a full-fledged funk-punk-cowboy!
Ernie Belles brings the thump to the Tribe of The Red Horse. He keeps the rhythm seated and the groove groovin’! But Ernie’s strength doesn’t lie just in his expertise behind the drums. His high vocal harmonies are what bring the sweet texture to the Neil Young and Crazy Horse sound. From years on the club and concert circuit, Ernie brings professionalism and strength that completes the magic of the Tribe’s music.

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