The Jazzers

Bay Pacific

The Jazzers is a Fresh, newly established yet highly qualified live band out of Sacramento, CA. High energy, classy live entertainment for your event. They’re much more than just a band. The Jazzers is a truly unique jazz band experience. Boutique live entertainment your guests will not forget. An alternative to large, over-the-top wedding bands. They have options that will suit your every need!
The Jazzers provide a professional sound, but without all of the extra volume. Their extensive song list, gentlemen-like approach, and high quality sets them apart from other wedding/party/event bands. The Jazzers do it all. Their band members combine for a total of 80+ years of experience and music knowledge, therefore you should relax and enjoy as they take on the responsibility with pleasure. The Jazzers will work to understand exactly what you want and make sure you and your guests have the time of your lives! Their ability to play at a low volume, or turn it up at the end of the night, makes them the perfect option for any event: from weddings and private parties to corporate events and restaurants.
The Jazzers have fun, so the guests have fun. Their band’s chemistry is what makes them one of the best, playing with joy not with “just another gig” mindset.
“Jazz Speaks All Languages” is their slogan. Although there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today, ONE language that to this day has not yet failed to connect us all together – JAZZ.

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