Terrence Martin

Terrence MartinIt moves, it sings, it’s fluid, it’s delicate—and the most amazing thing about metal is that it makes people talk. And move. Maybe even sing, too. Terrence wants people to stop. To look. To wonder. He creates art that suspends motion, but that inspires sound—people talking, people coming together. His work is larger than life. Metal, but flowing and warm. Solid, but sinewy. Complex in its simplicity. Art that breathes life into its space: Defining, empowering, and resonating within and alongside its surroundings. He likes to minimize his impact on the environment, as well as use the environment as his inspiration. Some of his award winning art sculptures are entirely made of recycled metal—scrap transmuted into art. It adds an incredible dimension to environmental awareness. Metals like bronze, brass and copper also find their way into the finished pieces to add color and richness.
He is always looking for unique and untried techniques when approaching a new metal art concept. He uses images that transcend time and are not temporary, for art that is accessible to all and exclusive to none. He picks elements from earth and nature, as well as metaphors for the human experience—all of this inspires his work. The images are at once recognizable and tangible objects that appeal to all walks of life. He tries to capture their movement in metal for a timeless voice that resonates with the spirit of today, tomorrow, and with all people. His art sculptures are flowing and beautiful, but solid in design and engineering. He does extensive research regarding material choices and its application in a public setting. Scale, appropriateness and continuity in design concept is a top concern. Long-term maintenance and sustainability is also a consideration for any art piece. His artwork is easily assembled, and the final piece is always designed to be an integral part of the flow of the space it is in.

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