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I’ve been married to my best friend Tim for 19 years and know and appreciate true love for exactly what it is – a crazy, unpredictable, magnificent roller coaster of a ride that no one can ever truly prepare you for. Together, we have two beautiful children who have shown me what it is like to walk around with your heart trapped outside of your body. I believe in love and marriage (for everyone), in toughing it out when things get rough, in family, in God, and in the power of the human spirit.
I’m an extrovert, a dog AND a cat person (with backyard chickens too), a foodie, a music nerd, an avid art collector, and full of love and positive energy. I’m traditional but not a conformist, and my cup is half full…every single day.
I’ve been into photography for as long as I can remember; but, it wasn’t until 2008 with the purchase of my first DSLR that I really started to pursue it as a profession. Once I saw the power of the images I was creating, there was absolutely no turning back.
I approach my photography from a very personal place. For me, the photographic experience is all about connection. I believe that within these connections we all have with each other there is beauty and truth to be found and experiences to be claimed and documented. By capturing these moments we can be forever reminded of the most precious things in our lives through the form of a photograph or a series of photographs that tell a story.
As a true optimist, I see beauty in everything around me. Although true beauty may not always be conventional, it is always honest. Presenting that beauty and honesty in the form of a timeless photograph is among the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. It gives me satisfaction that is beyond description.
Photography is my passion and sharing that passion is something I feel blessed to do every single time I pick up my camera.
If you want to know even more about me, be sure to friend me on Facebook. I’m an open book and truly enjoy keeping up with my clients: past, future, and present! You can also check out some of my personal posts on the blog, there you will find stories of my travels, my family, and life in general.
Jon is my full time photography partner in crime and second shooter/lighting assistant on your wedding day. He’s a groomsman wrangler, a light slinger, a photography ninja, and all around laid back, super cool guy.
Jon has a gift for technical details and is a lighting genius. He approaches his work with a level of passion and dedication that makes him the perfect collaborator for amazing images. We have been shooting together for years and made the partnership official in 2012.
Jon shoots the boys getting ready and I shoot the girls. During the rest of your wedding we are working as a team to capture all the different perspectives of your day. This means not just you two as a couple, but your family, friends, and guests as they react to moments (and have their own as well). Jon also assists with lighting for the romantic portraits and family formals as needed, and creates reception lighting for amazing, cinematic images any time of day, indoors or outdoors.


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