Susan Silvester


Susan Silvester is an interdisciplinary artist who is originally from NYC, before presently making her home in Sacramento. Working in a variety of materials, she explores the possibilities of what different mediums express by using the same imagery.  Her past work included creating sculptures for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, lifesize monsters for a New Jersey shore theme park, sculpted props for numerous TV commercials, such as the Pillsbury dough boy, Twizzlers candy, Teddy Graham cookies. She also sculpted animation models for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Santa and the Snowmen (computer animated TV movie), and built sets for the retired Universal Studio’s Back to the Future ride. Her work experience honed her sculpting and painting skills and opened her imagination to the world of fantasy in pop culture. While living in NYC, Susan also has experience in fabrication and created artwork for Robert Rauschenberg, Tom Wesselman, and Marisol. Her work experiences reinforced her artistic abilities to work in a variety of materials that create technically sound artwork. After getting her MA in painting at CSU in 2010, the concepts of creating fairytale-like narratives seem to be a natural blend of her work experience with her own personal memories.

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