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Responding with whatever materials are most suited to interpret the meaning of a place, from paint, steel, and cement to words, Taylor is driven by curiosity, location and audience. Taylor has been creating site-specific installations and paintings for 40 years, including over forty publicly placed mural and sculpture projects in the Sacramento region. Her work is in private and corporate collections from coast to coast, and in Kyoto and Paris.
Taylor is driven by curiosity. She works in a variety of media, from paint to cement to words. She’s been a working studio artist since 1977, with a BA in history from UCLA, and a masters in sculpture from Sacramento State. Her work is in collections all over the US. She is also a freelance Op-Ed contributor to the Sacramento Bee. Link to Taylor’s essays in Bee.
New book concept 2018, in process. A mortified Taylor, photographed in the mid-80s by the Sacramento Business Journal for a front page article, described as a “spunky suburban housewife.” Whereabouts of the client and the painting in the shot are unknown.
In 2017, she began a collaboration with the Sacramento Public Library, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein in 1818. It is Taylor’s first graphic interpretation of a narrative text. Frankenstein in the Sacramento Business Journal Now available through the Library or on Amazon.
In 2016, she published a book about water in California: Water: More or Less, an anthology of art, essays and policy, with co-author Rita Schmidt Sudman, former executive director of the Water Education Foundation. Follow news about the book on Facebook. The book has bee updated for 2018, to keep up with California’s constant challenges.
An anthology about water in California. Get the new 2018 edition now on Amazon. Learn about the endless challenges in California’s water world with this anthology of essay, history, policy and art. Contact Stephanie direct for discount on orders of 10 or more.

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