Sir Lantz

There is a look on my audience’s face that I see a lot as a Magician and Balloon Artist that I rarely see any where else..It is the same look when you see a baby for the first time, or that rare sunset that takes your breath away. The look of astonishment and awe! That is what I strive for at all my performances… That look on your face that says it all… When I see that look I know I have accomplished what I wanted to portray.
Magic shows are tailored to your age group and time requirements. Most Magic shows average about 45 minutes. It is just the right amount of time for me to deliver a Fun, Entertaining Magic show with live animals, audience participation, and lots of Magic! With over up to 350 shows per year, Sir Lantz is sure to deliver a performance that will entertain, and inspire people to say, “HOW DID HE DO THAT!” I like to bring up two or three ASSISTANTS to assist me during the performance.
MY SHOW WORKS BEST WHEN PEOPLE want TO EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC. Watching a Magic show is one thing but being a part of a Magic show is an entirely different thing. I specialize in Audience Participation and making You the Star! The show works best indoors where I can control the environment! However, it Can be performed outside for an additional fee. Fees differ with the type of affair, number of people, travel time and other considerations.

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