Scott Runion

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Fullbright Scholar, Scott Runion creates sculpture and drawings out of a variety of materials. In 1985 he left the harsh winters and difficulties associated with transporting materials in the city. He moved to a ten-acre farm in the San Joaquin Valley where he lives and creates with his wife and daughter. Scott worked with wood gathered from local orchards for several years, but now primarily works in steel.
Steel bar allows Scott to create line drawings in three dimensions. His work takes on shapes forming a figurative presence; yet, physically the sculptures remain mostly empty permeable space. His sculpture exists as object and shadow with both real and implied line in the creation of form. He tends to use strong colors applied in uniform process of electro-static powder coat pigments, baked on providing an industrial finish.
His work has a strong element of social commentary influenced his study of mythology, psychology and comparative religion. These studies have taken him throughout Europe and Asia. In 1991 he received a Fulbright Scholarship to India where he studied wood carving for a year and a half in a small village north of Mumbai culminating in a one-man show at the Jehangir Gallery in Bombay. By the year 2000 he transitioned to working in steel and has had several large scale public commissions.

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