Sandy Frank

Sandy FrankSandy Frank’s evocative figural clay sculptures capture not only the external physical manifestation and traits of what she is depicting, but they also capture the internal, spiritual and psychological physiognomies of her subject. They breathe for us. She uses her medium, the age old process of shaping clay, to ground herself so that she can connect a modern consciousness to an ancient one. Clay is luscious and sensuous. She has been involved with this medium for a long time. Frank fell in love with clay over 20 years ago while living for a time on the Caribbean island of Grenada. She worked with local artisans. There she learned from them. She went with them to dig up the clay, process it to create a workable medium and then worked with them to create things they could sell. Sculpting from live models, Frank sometimes depicts an individual and sometimes seeks to capture an archetype. She then brings her subjects to life and gives them a presence through subtle gesture, color, form and concept so each has a unique energy. The newest work, Hand Work uses the imagery and expression of hands to depict inner feelings and energy movement. Other pieces are psychological using the body as a metaphor such as Looking for Support, or Bound. On the other hand, pieces such as Black Madonna, Judith, and Black Eve are ethnic icons that replace common images with ones that reflect the diversity of the world today. The work is deliberate. Frank has spent 10 years exclusively perfecting her technique in clay. She spends a lot of time with each piece. Frank uses live models so that the sculpture energetically and anatomically breaths and feels right. She sculpts directly from her models and builds hollow with limited armature if any.
Perfecting her technique constantly, she works with a variety of clay bodies and finishes to get the desired effect. For instance, the ethnic icons and pieces such as Snake Woman or Horned Goddess are each reminiscent of historical religious statues. Clay is flexible in creating from life and imagination and Frank excels at both. She seeks to create beauty in her work but with some intrigue so that people will look and see something and wonder about it and then look again.

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