Sac homeless union safe ground storm camp recovery, organized by Crystal Sanchez

Crystal Rose Sanchez is a local artist, domestic violence survivor, single mother, and President of the Sacramento Homeless Union. 100% of these proceeds will go to helping homeless whose survival gear was destroyed in storms with 70 miles per hour winds, 6 people died in this storm, due to warming centers not being open in Sacramento.


Sacramento Homeless Union is one of many great groups who work with our unhoused population. Sacramento has 11,000+ unhoused on any given night. 700 children and we lack 62,00 units of affordable housing according to the hud guidelines. Sacramento Homeless Union is made up of leadership of unhoused and advocates

What do we do?
We Bring live saving necessities to the unhoused. We routinely bring massive amounts of food as well as hygiene clothes survival gear ect. We advocate for unhoused rights. We currently have a lawsuit restricting sweeps.

How we do it?
We have multiple volunteers through our coalition group sac soup

We also do education and advocacy. We believe impacted voices are the key element to change.

The unhoused are left out of key items that pertain to them and oftentimes put them in vulnerable positions including death. For instance with this pandemic we were told to shelter-in-place and to wash our hands instead of Sacramento working on making this happen for the end house they have continued with police sweeps including forcing people into town who have been exposed to to positive person. Even to the point the public health officer in Sacramento County how to write a specific order to make them stop however they are still incompliant. Homelessness is due to the housing crisis.

We Believe That Homeless are not helpless and they need a hand up and not a handout so we educate people on what is going on politically as well as bring them two meetings regarding funding City Hall and much more. We recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the unhoused in Sacramento regarding police sweeps and the fact that they are not effectively housing people especially during a pandemic.

Sacramento is failing the unhoused population in multiple ways. Some include a specialized policing teams who are paid to Resource the on house instead they are criminalizing them. Funding that is set aside for homeless Services is being used to confiscate survival gear and push people around town so they can never settle long enough to get the help that they need. There are no realistic resources despite the millions of dollars for homelessness here in Sacramento. We are trying to fill in the gaps both politically and physically.

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