Ryan Kane

Ryan Kane began learning magic in 1995 when he was 6 years old. He would spend his childhood grasping the fundamentals of this sophisticated and complex craft. In high school and college he studied theatre.
In his early teens, Ryan began using his magic and bright personality to gather audiences on the streets of Old Sacramento. The results of these challenging early performances are evident today in the quick wit and charm Ryan presents currently.
In 2012, Ryan competed and took first place in the San Francisco Stage Magic Competition. Before that, he had been a finalist in the Rooster T Feather’s and Wharf Room Comedy competitions.
Today, Ryan Kane makes his living performing magic for Fortune 500 companies and San Francisco tourists.
Sacramento Magician Ryan Kane has been performing magic for over 14 years, 6 of those years as a professional. He has been called “complex, clever, and ultimately baffling,” a “true crowd pleaser” and the Sacramento Magician who clients would “not hesitate to hire again!” Bringing a wit and flair all his own, Sacramento Magician Ryan Kane’s show is a family appropriate experience which your guests will not soon forget!

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