Ryan Hernandez

Ryan Hernandez, a lifelong native of Sacramento, has been delighting audiences with his voice and his musical abilities for many years now. Performing unique renditions of everything from Pop, Folk and R&B hits of today to yesterday’s Nostalgic Rock and Soul Classics, Ryan covers a wide variety of genres.
Ryan and his band have a wealth of experience playing in many personal and professional settings and will perfectly suit any function in sound and style. His music provides the perfect background entertainment for receptions, private events, corporate events, holiday events, fundraisers, and for restaurant and bar atmospheres.
Ryan is a not only an incredible vocalist, but he also plays a variety of instruments including the guitar, piano, upright bass, pedal steel, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, violin and began his musical career as a percussionist. With Ryan comes a wealth of other incredible musical colleagues and friends who can fill out any stage, for any sized audience.

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