Rebecca Jaggers

I’m a late bloomer in my art career, yet it seems like I’ve been waiting my whole life to paint. My mother was a pianist and I grew up in a house full of music. I showed musical talent early on, one thing led to another and after my flute study I began free-lancing in San Francisco. During that time I performed with world-renowned conductors and artists while playing in the San Francisco Symphony.
The substantial physical demands of flute playing on my hands eventually meant giving it up, but now I had every reason to paint. I began in earnest in 2002 in a plein air watercolor class painting the spectacular Sonoran desert every week. We painted and painted, I was hooked and have not looked back.
After returning to California in 2004 I studied and took art courses, began entering shows and receiving awards. I became active at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center and with WASH and joined the High Hand Gallery Artists Cooperative in 2016.
Nature is the inspiration for my creative endeavors in both watercolor painting and playing the flute. Both are fluid, transparent, colorful, and very expressive art forms.
The correlation between music and art is everywhere, particularly pertaining to spacial relationships. In my work I am intrigued by the way water, paper and color intermingle, flowing and making different kinds of edges and layers. The way wet paint dropped into wet paper diffuses, creates soft suggestive shapes and contrasts with crisp lines is very exciting to me.

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