Nova Indigo

Nova Indigo is a Jazz-Pop singer from Anchorage, Alaska. As a youth she was involved in choirs and developed her guitar skills. She took a break from music to focus on writing prose. As a young adult she had the ambitious dream to become a novelist, but in her junior year of college, she decided to get back into music after a disheartening journalism class where she realized writing fiction wasn’t in the cards for her.
With an English Literature degree, she began writing song lyrics and found her niche as a songwriter despite the fact that she no longer plays an instrument. Her lush lyricism and quirky, catchy melodies combine to make an intriguing listening experience. Fumbling her way back into music, she stayed focused and was determined to get her first album made.
With the help of Peggy Monaghan at Arctic Siren Productions, her music dream is happening. She strives to have meaningful lyrics that say something about universal human conditions. Nova’s topics touch on her social anxiety, problems with guys and her serious daddy issues (because hey, what else do modern singers write about anyway?)
Nova hopes her material is accessible and relatable to listeners who might also feel like a mess sometimes.

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