Mural Expressions Art Festival

Mural Expressions Art FestivalThe Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association has combined with the ARTners Collaborative as an active fund-raising component for High School Scholar Athletic Scholarships. ARTners will be producing three (3) fund-raising live painting mural festivals titled “Mural Expressions”. All three (3) festivals are theme based and are sponsor/community supported fund-raising events. “Mural Expressions Festivals” are held in May, September and November, 2018. The first theme mural fund-raising event will be happening May 18th-20th, 2018, “Un Dia Para La Madre” (A Day For Mother).
This theme is in honor of Mother’s Day, to honor our Mothers, Mother of our children, Grandmother’s, Mother Earth or whomever the artist chooses. Each artist will paint a temporary wall dedicated to their love or loved one. Artists are selected through a juried process. The MURAL EXPRESSIONS festival, theme “Un Dia Para La Madre” will start on Friday morning and continue all day Saturday and Sunday with a mural dedication walk thru at the end of the festival. The completed murals can be purchased by anyone attending and not, they may be displayed for a very short term and will be eventually recycled for the next festival BUT will always be viewable in a digital media platform. This is a family-oriented community art appreciation event.
The importance of this festival is to get people out within their community, invite others to enjoy their community, raise money for the college scholarship fund, put Sacramento South on the map of positive cool events & to promote the Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association.
So, tell your family & friends to come out and be festive!!! There will be food, music, vendors and raffles throughout the weekend. Let’s have a great time and represent Sacramento South Creativeness!!! “How Sacramento South Can You Be?”

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