Mina Alali

Mina Alali just released her single “Real Men”, a danceable pop song about what a real man is that every girl deserves. Recently, she released “Walls”, a pop/R&B song about wanting to remove walls and fences between loved ones. Prior to that, “Shame On Me”, was released as a pop ballad about realizing a best friend is the right person for a loving relationship. She released “Like Boom” to start off the year 2018. Mina’s songs are distributed in iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets. Last year, her album, “Something About Her,” was released in April 2017 after her tester EP received favorable reviews from radio and press. “Something About Her” is exclusively distributed by Select-O-Hits. The title track “Something About Her,” gained the #7 position on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart on the May 27, 2017 edition, and stayed on the charts for five consecutive weeks, its highest placement at #4. She is also currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
The title track, “Something About Her,” has been performed on a few television shows. Her previously-released single and music video, “22 Cents Less,” is a danceable pop song with a strong positive message about overcoming the gender wage gap. It received recognition from California Women Lawyers, KCRA3 Sacramento, KYMA Arizona, Boston Globe and other publications across the country and in United Kingdom. The song charted in Top 30 in several radio stations across the country, and was promoted on a billboard in NYC’s Times Square for one week.
She followed it up with another single and music video, “No Lovin’ Me“, a bluesy pop song with a swing beat that talks about a woman’s independence. Both singles were included in the EP that was only released to radio and the press. Mina released a bonus single for the holidays entitled “What I Want”, which sings about not wanting material gifts but rather a “feeling of calm and peace” and unity.
Mina went on a 12 show tour over the summer of 2017 with her band, performing all over California, including Folsom, San Diego, and Malibu, and ending it in her hometown of Davis, California.

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