Melonnee Desireé

Melonnee is a long-time experienced artist, in singing Lead Vocals and fronting bands, as well as playing Rhythm Guitar, and Bass. Melonnee comes from a family of musical artists – her mother singing Big Band Era songs, jazz and country; her grandfather playing jazz trumpet; her step-father playing piano and saxophone and leader of The Dick James Orchestra in the 1940s-1970s; to her uncle who sang, played drums, and performed in the 1960s pop rock band – The Spiral Staircase. With so many influences of music, Melonnee has embraced and performs a diverse blend and mix of genres that includes Classic Rock; Pop; Americana; Alternative; Folk Rock; Blues; Ambient; World Beat; Standards from the 1940s, 50s and 60s; Funk; and Jazz.
This range of styles and genres, has allowed Melonnee to perform for a wide range and demographic of audiences, in and for various venues, events and occasions, from night clubs, wineries, restaurants, brew pubs, coffee houses, house parties, to fairs, festivals, concerts; private and corporate events, and more.
As a songwriter, Melonnee has written, recorded and produced several albums/cds of her own original music. She also enjoys performing cover songs by well-known artists, giving the song, her own “twist” and interpretation.
Melonnee says: “Bottom line is – no matter who is playing it, music should evoke emotion in people. My philosophy is that when people come to see and hear me, or me and my band, our intension is to have them FEEL the music in their gut, heart and soul and be moved by it. And dance too, if it feels right and is appropriate for the event or occasion. Music, rhythm and harmony are Universal, and can bring and connect people together like nothing else can…”

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