Melissa McGillicuddy

Melissa McGillicuddy is a stand-up comedian based in Sacramento, California. As a newcomer to the scene in 2015, she won the Wildcard Competition at the Sacramento Comedy Festival. Since then, Melissa has opened for talented comedians such as Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher, and Vicki Barbolak. She has also performed at several comedy festivals including SF Sketchfest.
Being an only (and super gay) child raised by a single mom in a conservative town, Melissa found she didn’t always fit in, so she used humor as a way to connect with people. Her dry wit and unique perspective on life make her a hit with audiences everywhere.
Melissa also co-produces the Moving Van Show, a monthly, secret pop-up comedy show, as well as Sacramento FemmeFest, the city’s first all-female comedy festival. In 2019, Melissa was voted best comedian by the Sacramento News & Review.

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