Matthew Joseph Peak

Matthew was born into a world revolving around art. His father was the renowned illustrator Bob Peak. With his artwork gracing major magazines and movie posters, coupled with his parents having met in art school, artistic exposure was a large aspect of his upbringing. By the time he was four years old he was spending a lot of time in his dad’s studio sitting on the rug drawing pictures and watching him paint. Little did he know this would lead to art becoming his lifetime pursuit. Everyday there are countless miracles occurring around us. Only through our awareness and ability to feel to the fullest can we receive the pleasure these miracles have to offer. He feels that his social participation in art is to help increase the appreciation and awareness level of these miracles. Nature with all its beautiful relationships is the forefront of his artistic appreciation and expression.
Whether it be the predominate subject itself, or a backdrop for figurative compositions, nature plays an integral role in virtually all of my artwork. Most of the master works that have inspired him are figurative in subject, whether they are paintings, drawings or sculptures. He feels it would be tragic to limit himself to any set approach. He works directly from life and from his imagination using any tool that will help him achieve what he strive for. While many of hiss ideas take years to develop and bring to completion, location and spontaneous expression yields a result that is hard to surpass. He strives to express the beauty of form and create moments that provoke contemplation for the viewer. His goal is to create moods to experience, worlds to enter and dream about, times and places to visit. He strongly feels that each painting needs to be unique and convey aspects that can only exist within itself. A sizable portion of his ongoing education comes through the studying of great art. The subjects of art, photography, music, and dance, to note a few, continually enhance his artwork. Above all nature and life are his most valued teachers. He is very excited about this time in his life. His focus is clear and he’s producing his best work ever. He feels confident that his explorations and studies will continue to enhance his art for years to come!

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