Matt Connors

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Matt Connors lives in Davis California and grew up in New England. He has loved drawing and painting since childhood but pursued a career in medicine. After finishing medical training he moved to San Francisco, where he practiced endocrinology. Since retiring as professor of medicine he is able to pursue his passion in watercolor painting. Connors’ paintings have been juried into the All Cape Cod Art Show, 2007- 2011, as well as en plein air painting shows in Winters, Sacramento, and Crockett, CA. Among many awards, he most recently won the purchase award at the 43rd Watercolor West Juried Exhibition. Matt studied at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Oxford University and also with nationally recognized artists including Don Andrews, Robert Reynolds, Jerry Stitt, Marilyn Simandle, and Tom Lynch. Artist affiliations include: American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Assn., California Watercolor Assn., Guild of Harwich Artists.
He has been painting since childhood. He studied art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City. In the 1980’s Matt began working exclusively with watercolor media and attended several workshops with prominent artists. In 1992 he took watercolor painting classes at Oxford University, U.K.. During the two years, while residing in San Francisco, he studied with Jerry Stitt, a watercolor artist in Sausalito, CA. Matt is a plein air painter of familiar subjects and landscapes. He is moved less by the physical reality of the subject than its impact on his mood. The essence of the scene is presented whimsically in the language of watercolor. The details are in the viewer’s imagination.

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