Makeup By Molly

I have always had a creative side ever since I was a child. When I was a kid I would play in my mom and older cousin’s makeup at every family event. I would walk out and as much as my mom wanted to yell at me, she would say “wow you actually did a great job”.
Over the years, I began doing makeup for my friends and family. I started a YouTube channel to hopefully decrease the amount of questions I recieved on the daily from people. This turned into a business for me. I finally went and got certified so I could be “official” and started putting my name out there in the industry. A good friend of mine asked me if I would help her with a large wedding party in Sept of 2016. As much as I was hestitant and wanted to say no, she said yes for me. I’ll never be more grateful for that moment.
After that, my business just took off. And when I said took off, I mean it spread like wildfire. I could hardly keep up but HEY, I was NOT complaining!! I’ve been having so much fun ever since.
With over 30 weddings booked and completed in my very first year, I knew I found my calling. Although I’m not “experienced” as far as years go, I’m learning everyday and I just have an eye for what works.
I love seeing new faces, sharing the happiness and excitement of planning some of the most memorable moments of someone’s life. The look on their face once they look in the mirror melts my heart time and time again. There’s no better feeling than making someone feel that extra bit of pretty.
My philosophy is to enhance the natural beauty, not mask it. I try to keep the natural features and just emphasize them.
My biggest goal is that hopefully my passion for beauty shines through my work!

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