Lynne Edwards

Lynne EdwardsLynne cares deeply about how we, as humans, regard our environment and the animals that surround us. She has been blessed to have experienced the many journeys into their worlds and hold them precious in his memories, photographs, & paintings. One of her deepest concerns is that some of these animals will not survive various impacts from their environment and humans long enough for her grandchildren to see them in their natural world.
She has loved photography for many years and had minimal time to dedicate and enjoy this art prior to 2002. Her professional career was in telecommunications and quality management where he could utilize his creative talents in the development and design of various training and consulting projects for his clients and students. She retired from that field in 2002 and began a long desired journey behind the camera traveling to capture and create images of wildlife and their surroundings. She is self taught and continue to educate herself as much as possible about photography and the various associated skills within that media. After retirement, Lynne and her \husband, Jim began to live our dream of travel and photography. They both love animals and share in the joy of anticipation of what will come next “with the leopard in the tree” or the “grizzly waiting for her salmon”. Nature always allows one to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of what there is to offer – it is up to us to stop, look, and listen.
Her desire is to capture the “raw moment” of nature, the good and the not so good, the beautiful and the sometimes gruesome (but necessary) behavior of each animal. Most of their journeys have take us “up close and personal” with various types of wildlife. For example, snorkeling with the humpback whales of the Dominican Republic; or walking the wilderness and waterways of Katmai to be within a few feet of the fabulous grizzly bears and their cubs; or hiking the rain forest of Uganda to capture a photograph of the “gentle giant” – the mountain gorilla; or floating down the waterways and fjords of the Inside Passage to experience the incredible marine life of humpback and orca whales; or traveling some of the roughest waterways in the world – The Drakes Passage – to experience incredible bird & marine life of the Antarctic. Their favorite adventure remains their journeys to the unbelievable continent of Africa with their amazing bird life, and fabulous “Big Five” and the wonderful Masai people of Africa.
All of her photography is edited, printed, and framed by her in her studio. Her equipment of choice has been the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and 7D with various Canon lens since she moved to the digital world in 2005. She has recently taken a liking to the Panasomic Lumix FX1000 – one of the newer mirrorless 4/3 cameras on the market. All of her prints are signed by her and printed and framed using archival paper and inks.
In 2007, in WA, Lynne became very active in the Whatcom Artist Guild and a local photography club. This is where she took her first painting class in Watercolor and found she really loved to paint.
She later discovered the technique that is called Watercolor Batik which is done on rice paper and seems to work very well for painting her photographs. This is the technique that she uses for all of her paintings. They are back in CA. and she has become very involved in several different art associations and photography clubs.

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