Liz Zimbelman

Liz is a photographer who loves to have fun while making memories that will last a lifetime. Before picking up her camera, she is also a mama, a wife, and a daughter. Raising two amazingly (also crazy) humans/dictators is her whole world. While they do their best to drive her and their dad wild, they have brought so much meaning and beauty into their lives. Their babies have their heart and soul — they make her bring love into every photo shoot that she captures. Of course she couldn’t make these gorgeous kiddos without her husband Jeff.
When she first decided to try her hand at this crazy thing called owning your own business, he was by her side since day one. Patience is a super hero trait, that she is lucky to have found a soulmate with the most. When she’s not behind the camera, you can catch Liz at the nearest Target, or binge watching Friends or Real Housewives with her husband & usually with a coffee in hand. After graduating Sacramento State, and shuffling into the 9 to 5 lifestyle — she knew that the corporate life was not for her. She also knew, that above all, she wanted to be her own boss. Her motivation was owning her own something, she just didn’t know what that something would be. She didn’t come to photography, photography came to her.
She picked up a camera for the first time, to photograph her invitation business after it began picking up steam on Etsy. The magic happened when she photographed her first wedding, assisting her friend. What made her fall in love was all the detail, time, and care that makes a wedding. Weddings challenge her to always stay on her toes. There’s nothing that compares to the rush of documenting a love story, while spontaneously making art. When she finished her very first wedding in 2012, one feeling stole her heart: “This is where I am supposed to be.” At Liz Zimbelman Photography, they create a laid-back and real atmosphere for their clients. From studio headshots to destination engagement sessions, it’s her mission to provide straightforward and insightful posing while never forgetting to joke and have a good time. She promises that with their studio, they make memories (and a few sarcastic comebacks) that you’ll want captured.
The best way to stay sharp is to always keep learning. That’s why she emphasizes the importance of always taking new workshops and classes to expand and evolve her craft. Complacency in your work is where the creativity stops. She will always be the photographer who will chase the golden hour, and even climb a tree or two to get that perfect shot.

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