Linda Clark Johnson

Linda is a happy artist working in cyanotype, mixed media collage, and watercolor in her sunny Sacramento studio. At an early age she discovered an affinity for art. She’s always loved to make things and with guidance from her artistic father she developed a strong foundation. She studied art and honed her skills at CSU Chico where she received a BA with an emphasis in drawing and painting. After graduation she stayed in Chico and studied graphic design and illustration. After a twenty-year career in printing, graphic design, and illustration, she was ready for a change and decided to become a school teacher. In 1998 she earned her teaching credential and began sharing her artistic passion with students. She also holds a master’s degree in the Arts in Education. Currently, she works as a full time studio artist. She loves to share her work at shows, studio events, and online (especially Instagram!) She also teaches small groups in her Sacramento studio.
She strives to create artwork that is atmospheric, layered and intriguing, and quietly celebrates the beauty of the natural world. In her current work she’s exploring soft shadows, foliage, decomposition, and the ever-Shubhpujachanging moon. It highlights the ethereal mood created by combinations of these elements moving in and out of focus in translucent layers. Her work is cyanotype-based. Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process developed in 1842. Prints are characterized by a deep shade of Prussian blue. She prints with foraged natural plant materials outdoors in the sun. In her current “altered cyanotype” pieces she is pushing the limits of the traditional process and altering the colors by drastically changing exposure times, adding extra chemicals and heat, and using eco-printing techniques. After printing she further alters her pieces with mixed media – watercolor, graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, ink, or collage – to achieve the desired effects. There is an element of mystery and chance with each new piece, and the process of creating these works fascinates me as much as the product! She joyfully experiments with new materials, work through logistical challenges, and come up with her own techniques. The phrase “what if?” is one of her favorites!

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