Lele is a 18 year old Latina singer/songwriter born and raised for most of her life in Eugene, Ore. She believes that life is about experiencing all hat the world has to offer. She uses music to express her feelings towards the many social, political and ethical issues that are important to young people today, Love, pain, loss, relationships, friends and family are the main inspirations for the music she writes. She spends most of her days pouring her heart out into her songs.
Lele started to have interest in pursuing her passion for music when she was at the tender age of 10, though she had always had a yearning to perform as long as she can remember.
Now a resident of Sacramento California, Lele often travels to Los Angeles to work and record with various Artist, producers directors and various Entertainment Industry people in pursuit of her dreams to bring Her music to the world.
Recently Lele was featured in a music video on YouTube called “movies” along with recording artist Lela B. Lele was hand selected to appear and perform on various red carpet events with Nick Cannon to promote his Kooboo event on the Santa Monica pier. She has performed with well-known artist such as Lil Romeo, RayJ, and the Latin legendary band-Ozomatli. Lele is also highly sought after to perform at various Oscar events and parties in Beverly Hills
Lele Hard work and dedication has earned her more than just the Notoriety of being a Recording Artist, Actress, Host and Spokesperson, She is a “Gold Medal” Music vocal winner, which is an esteemed award presented by the NAACP. Lele has Also awarded the opportunity to perform for the United States Vice president Biden at an exclusive event for The LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)
Lele’s Musical inspirations are the beautiful and talented Selena and The legendary Ms. Etta James. She admires their humbleness and love for people, as well as their strong personalities. Their Strength and love for music, has contributed to Lele’s passion for music, and she is willing to strive hard to chase after her dreams without any hesitation. Though Lele loves performing and being around her fans, she is most content when she is at home where she enjoys composing music on her piano.

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