Lee Allen

“The most important quality of a good arranger is insight”, says Lee Allen. Insight, in this case, has been gained from a varied playing history that started when Lee began playing Memphis nightclubs during the late 60’s, at the age of 14 (don’t tell!).
The band in which Lee played became one of the most popular club, touring and show bands in late-60’s and early 70’s Memphis. Their work included backing Ollie and the Nightengales, touring with soul- and beach-music legend Major Lance. and once opening for blues legend Bobby Womack.
Later, while a student at MIT, Lee held the pianist position in the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, the school’s A-list jazz band under the direction of Herb Pomeroy of the Berklee School of Music. Lee considers Pomeroy, who was directly influenced by Duke Ellington and who toured with Lionel Hampton and Stan Kenton, as a major mentor.
Also while at MIT, Lee ?helped introduce a gospel choir to the MIT campus. The MIT Gospel Choir still operates at MIT to this day.
During the ’80’s, Lee Allen was an arranger and accompanist for various performers including pop singer Suzanne Lee, contemporary Christian singer Ruth Adams, and the Gene Roberts Trio (left) in the Atlanta area. During this time Lee Allen also began his current solo music business.
During the ’90’s, Lee organized church music programs in Cambridge, Massachusetts (while returning to MIT as a grad student) and in Silicon Valley, California (while working in telecom R&D), in addition to performing occasionally as a soloist and “virtual jazz trio”.
During 2005 Lee Allen began his current offering as a “solo pianist with the sound of a jazz trio”, performing at country clubs, restaurants and upscale private homes.

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