Leah Currey

Leah is inspired by nature, by people, and by aesthetic forms. In her paintings, she is interested in interpreting nature into dreamscapes that she can lose herself in. In drawing, she seeks to recreate life. In sculpture, she seeks to create forms that are pleasing to the eye or evoke some feeling.
She loves working with her hands and trying as many new things as she can. Through the many wonderful opportunities she has had, she has developed the skill to paint with acrylics, oils, and watercolors; draw with pen, pencil, and colored pencil; print with linoleum; weld iron; draw digitally with photoshop and illustrator; cast in metal and glass; design and paint large-scale murals; sculpt in wood, clay, wire, and wax; flamework with hard glass; throw and hand build pottery; create stained and fused glass pieces; screenprint posters and clothing; sew costumes; and make jewelry from precious metals and lapped stones.
She hopes to add much more to the list. Besides art, she enjoys being outdoors, climbing, and drinking coffee and beer with friends. She currently teaches painting classes in Rocklin, California.

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