Kiss ‘N Tell…Tells All

Do you Kiss ‘N Tell? What song isn’t about kissing and telling? Kiss ‘N Tell – A Sexy Tribute to the HOT HITS of the Decades -is a sexy, high-powered dance rock band. Flirty and fun, the high energy composing the driving force of Kiss ‘N tell, Ericka Davis will make you wish you spritzed that extra touch of hairspray when her extraordinary voice blows your hair black! Along with Ericka’s original music, watch Kiss ‘N tell rock their hearts out, jamming to renditions of the original fun cover music that everyone loves; and your body and mind will become vivtim to that dance floor! We rock everything from Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin! Kiss ‘N Tell makes sure every venue, every event, and every age group has a great time by playing today’s fun pop and rock hits such a Pink & Maroon 5. We also include 60’s rock such as Hefferson Airplane, 70’s Disco/Funk/R&B from Stevie Wonder to Donna Summer, classic rock from all decades, tons of awesome 80’s from Jourmey to Muchael Jackson, and 90’s hits from No Doubt to Alanis Morissette. THEN “blow your hair back” rock from AC/DC to Rage Against the Machine!
Experience, talent, and three strong lead voice make it easy for Kiss ‘N Tell to deliver original music and cover music that extends over a multitude of musical taste and any age group! We DON’T use-sequencing machines or other prefabricated music as many cover bands do. We prefer to interact with our audience at each event and use that interaction to inspire our performance, making sure every event is unique.
This is the Real thing, baby! Few bands can match our stamina and we put on an must-see show that’ll keep you coming back for more! With courteous, quiet, and fast load-in & set -up, professional sound & lighting services, DJ and MC services & custom set lists, Kiss ‘N Tell delivers a professional full service entertainment company. Whether it’s a wedding reception, nightclub, corporate party or private party, Kiss ‘N Tell can’t wait to rock your world!

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