Katie Knipp

My name is Katie Knipp and I have been an indie artist for about 20 years. Out of all my previous projects, this one means the most and has just floored me on so many levels. It wasn’t too long ago that I wasn’t sure I would be able to perform and release more music, at least the way I wanted to. I recently had two babies in a row , they’re now 2 and 3, and it was a pretty hard time in the beginning. During my second pregnancy I got carpal tunnel from the swelling and I wasn’t sure if it would go away. It was pretty scary because I play guitar and piano as well as teach piano for a living. I was also silenced for about a year and a half due to the natural demands of my toddler that didn’t want attention taken away from him whenever I tried to practice. Most days I could hardly sing or play a note. The best I could do was type lyrics into my phone at 3 in the morning while up with the baby and read articles on how to get the most out of your one minute of practice time. Since music is who I am, this was a very dark and depressing time for me and it was just last year. Fast forward to this year.
In January I finally stopped breast feeding which allowed more flexibility in getting the chance to perform again. My parents moved closer and were therefore able to help babysit while I practiced. When I got back onstage as a solo act everything changed. It changed because my attitude was different. My love for music had been tested and I couldn’t be more grateful now for ANY time I get to play. I started writing songs from a more natural state of just pure love and they come easily to me now. I’m no longer trying to prove myself because there’s only one me out there. Nobody sounds like me. With the luck and help of Scott at SBL (who also provided harmony vocals on a track), I was able to do a mini tour opening for Robert Cray, as well as opened for The James Hunter Six, and also my idol, Jon Cleary. Ben Nieves, owner of The Recording Place and Piano Store, and his partner in crime, Chris Horton, came to one of my local shows in Sacramento. It was there we quickly decided to team up and make the best record we could. These songs were brought to life by the band I have always wanted to play with. Neil Campisano on drums, Zack Proteau, on bass and tuba (he owns Octupus Audio and plays with Cover Me Badd), Brett Vaughnrechtfertig on guitar, he leads a killer band called The Mindful, and some extras on a tune with Chet Chwalik on trumpet and Al Bent on trombone. When I first rehearsed with the rhythm section, it was such a weight off of my shoulders. Finally, I found some guys that got it.
They brought the songs to life. We were all listening to each other instead of playing over each other. Now I am getting these mixes from Chris that bring out the songs even more than I thought possible. So, we make a great team. After my ears, Ben adds his production touches as well and we’re a trifecta of success! This record goes from psycho to mardi gras and all the feels in between.
So, I have a goal. I want to be the first woman in my position to still get on the Billboard charts, get onto commercial radio, not just college and internet radio, sell a million units, get songs placed on TV shows and movies, without being gone 200 days a year on tour. I still want to be able to raise my boys, perform whenever I can, because I LOVE performing, but also be present for my family. I believe all of this can be accomplished if the product is good enough, and it is.
We’re so oversaturated with highlight reals of people on social media, fake music, fake art, and this is something real and refreshing to grasp onto. Real musicians playing real instruments on songs written by a woman as real as it gets. Mother. Wife. Piano teacher. Soon to be chart topper inspiring millions of other people around the globe. You can join me in support of this goal by making sure to purchase this record either during the month of October Presale, or the first week it is released on November 7th. When I can sell a bunch of units in this short amount of time, bells and whistles go off to the proper companies that can assist in ways that I can’t. For 20 years, I’ve been wearing all the hats. Now I’m asking for some help.

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