Justin & Betsy Erickson

Our Love Story began in 2006. We met online when we reached out to each other as friends. We spent endless hours on the phone, pouring over every detail of our lives. We had forged such a strong connection that when we finally met in person, things moved rather quickly. We got engaged just 3 months into dating, and 4 months after getting engaged we officially tied the knot.
Being married now for over 10 years, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the steps that brought us together. The mistakes, and the joys, that ultimately led us to this beautiful story we’ve created. We’ve been blessed with four incredible children, that have taught us even more about love, it’s strength, and it’s important role in our lives.
It’s amazing all the littles things that have to align for you to meet and fall in love with your soulmate. We recognize the journey to finding your love is not always easy, but more than worth it.
Our own love is the foundation of our business, and one of the many reasons we believe love deserves to be celebrated, and it deserves to be cherished. That is why we chose this profession. Because dwelling in the essence of Love, encouraging it’s union, and capturing it in an inspired way, reminds us constantly of the joy and connection we share.

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