Justice for Melody

I stood in horror this weekend when a video was released on social media of one teenage girl and a woman that were murdered by a local rapper. I will not mention his name, he deserves no recognition. One of the victims was a local 15-year-old girl, who grew up in foster care.
The rapper live-streamed a video of their beaten bodies, both of the victims were deceased and naked, for the world to see. It was deeply disturbing that technology platforms could not prevent these videos from being uploaded on social media and YouTube. It’s unacceptable that with Technology Platforms, Rappers and Content Producers have no accountability for the impact of the content they allow to be streamed on social media and streaming sites.
We must do a better job protecting our youth in poor communities, they are living in an unimaginable war zone filled, with violence, murder, drugs, and sex trafficking. This article is a call to action to community organizers, for us to put our differences aside and do better for our youth, girls like Melody, and the gun violence that is killing our youth. Melody’s Bill will prevent violent videos from being uploaded on streaming sites and from being shared on social media. It will hold content creators, technology companies, and artists accountable for the content they create. It will create a positive change in our entertainment industry and is the first step in rebuilding communities based on talent and spreading love.
This bill is not about criminalizing rappers, it is about empowering a new movement on technology platforms to not allow videos to be uploaded that contain violence. It’s time we heal the culture of spreading violence through technology platforms, it does not support rebuilding communities and will only further contribute to the destruction of our country.
If you would like to be a part of this change and you are a Rapper with a positive message, we are here to support your work and give you the recognition you deserve as a talent! You can submit your information for article submissions with Talent Magazines and be a part of an International Television Show; “Beneath the Surface” is produced by Cynthia Egu. Beneath the Surface is about showcasing African Talent from All Over the World that will contribute to being positive role models for the world during these challenging times for humanity.

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