Jury’s Still Out

Jury’s Still Out is a blues-based rock and roll band from Sacramento, CA. They are 1 – part blues, 1 – part rock and roll with a little bit a funk added in the mix. They cover a variety of songs from old blues standards to southern and classic rock to some funk that will get you grooving on your feet.
The original band line up of Cris Rice and Lou Mercado have been playing together since 2008. Vicki Pike joined the band as their permanent drummer in mid-2009. Paul Squyres joined the band in 2010 and Chris Lovejoy just completed their current lineup in April 2012. Their shows typically run three, 45 – 50 minute sets with two 10 – 15 minute breaks. Their song list is pretty diverse as they delve into a great mix of blues, classic rock & funk. With a full PA and sound system they are ready for your next party or event.

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