Juniper Waller


Juniper Waller is a voice teacher and professional vocalist in Sacramento, CA. She offers in-home lessons and also teaches at a private studio in Folsom.
I began teaching voice in 2017 when my band, The Gold Souls, was just starting out. After many years of hesitation I was finally singing the music I loved with a band I was truly proud of. As bandleader and lead singer, I felt called to offer the knowledge I had gained after many years of studying voice formally, and as a student of my own instrument.
I grew up in a musical family but never had a voice lesson until I was 21 years old. It was then I began to realize how much I did not know about singing, and how much room I had for improvement. Over the next ten years I studied with many different teachers, and throughout that I time I got to know, and became friends with my own voice.
The vocal chords are fragile and temperamental – this is one reason why it’s important to have a teacher. But also, I found a teacher can help you open up parts of your voice and yourself you did not know were even there. I am so grateful to my teachers for helping me to find my voice, and I am passionate about doing the same for my students.
I teach with an emphasis on building up a singers’ strength. A lot of girls come to me wanting to sing like Adele, or Alicia Keys, or some other strong female vocalist. When I was young I worshipped Whitney Houston, Etta James, and Janis Joplin. I felt then, as I feel now, that nothing is more moving than a woman singing in her full power and magnificence. In many cases it is possible for students to work up to such a strong sound, but it’s of the utmost importance that singers step into their strength in a gradual and safe way. This is why I put an emphasis on helping women and girls safely learn to sing stronger.

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