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16 years ago, as a favor, I photographed my first wedding for a family member. When we looked at them for the first time, everyone realized I had a natural gift for capturing moments between people. I then quickly enrolled in every photography class SCC had to offer so my technical ability could catch up to my natural ability.
For the next few years I did tons of family shoots and I did a few weddings here and there for friends and family and then about 12 years ago I did my first “REAL” wedding. It took me awhile to trust the HUGE responsibility I was taking on because I knew there was no “do-overs” in wedding photography.
I have photographed hundreds of weddings all over Sacramento, Tahoe, Monterey Bay, San Francisco and many different venues in between. I have photographed various venues including beaches, winery’s, barns, firehouses, hotels, gardens, country clubs, golf courses, backyards and mansions. I have also photographed full Catholic weddings, Christian, Indian and Afghan weddings and many different kinds of weddings from the traditional to non-traditional. Every one unique and special and beautiful in it’s own way.
One of the things I love the most about being a wedding photographer is getting to watch these couples grow into families and getting to photograph them as they do. I call them my happily ever after sessions! I have one of the best jobs in the world and I am honored to have been trusted with these important events and I would be honored to be included in yours.

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