Johnny Feikert


I started playing guitar when I was about 7 years old. My big brother came home from serving in Vietnam and brought home this “EKO” 12 string from Italy. He taught me my first chords and it was on from there. He turned me on to early 70s rock on the new FM stations like Zepplin, Hendrix, Cream, etc. And of course The Beatles. I was too young to understand the lyrics at the time but I could always hear the guitar parts. My first guitar hero was Wally Bryson from the Raspberries. Then it was Davey Johnstone from the Elton John band. Then Ace Frehley, Alex Lifeson, Eddie Van Halen, the great Randy Rhoads, Steve Via, of course Joe Satriani, and John Sykes. I got my first taste of the big stage playing guitar for Eddie Money in August 1986 with a great band called “Zboy”. We served as Eddies backing band. I then had the good fortune to join Jet Red at which time we promptly signed with Relativity Records. If Relativity doesnt sound familiar, it was Joe Satriani’s label in the late 80s. We played some shows with him on the Surfing with the Alien tour, and Dreaming #11 tour. In Jet Red we opened shows for great artists like Rick Derringer, the late great Ronnie Montrose, Quiet Riot and Y and T to name a few. It was playing in Jet Red that served as a lesson in musicianship I treasure to this day. I am currently recording my own jams with my son Noah. Peace.

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