John Nichols


I discovered my passion for creating art at an early age. Continued encouragement from my family members along with a motivational art instructor in high school instilled my interest in painting with oils and acrylics. Further studies at Sacramento City College in the 1970s, focusing on art history and fundamentals of drawing, continued to inspire my early art.
In recent years, I have found my love for nature and the outdoors makes my landscape paintings a never-ending interpretation of the connection of nature as it translates into art.
Through the more than 20 years of experience in creating art, I strive to capture the realism of my California landscapes and still life subjects, while I focus on capturing the beauty of light, shadows and sense of tranquility. Along with plein air painting, my method includes taking photographs or painting a small study on location. From these references I create larger finished paintings in my studio.
I have had the honor of receiving numerous awards including “Best Over All”, “Peoples’ Choice” and multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards in Northern California competitions.
I continue to take advantage of several art classes and workshops offered by a variety of highly-acclaimed art instructors. Through continued networking and memberships in art affiliations, I am honored to have the opportunity of showcasing my artworks in the Sacramento area.

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