Jenvy Fox


Primarily self-taught, Jenvy Fox has been making art and jewelry in a variety of incarnations since childhood. Rather than have the traditional lemonade stand, Jenvy sold intricate handmade friendship bracelets and beaded jewelry while still in grade school. Concurrently, her love for two-dimensional arts blossomed, passing through periods of mostly colored pencil drawings and finally residing in the realm of acrylics. While developing artistically, she also attended college, receiving a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts, with a focus on Postmodern culture, as well as eastern philosophy and religion, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with a focus on religious studies, epistemology, and philosophy of language. In recent years, Jenvy has combined the essence of jewelry with the workability of acrylics to create a style of mixed media that is well suited for this new era of Postmodern art. She has also returned to making jewelry, coming full circle to where her love for creating began. Jenvy is influenced by a variety of Modern artists including Picasso, Dali, Kahlo, Pollock, and Mondrian and is inspired by Postmodern philosophy, contemporary technology, nature, and unconventional beauty. To visually represent the intersections between her four main inspirations, Jenvy combines earth (rocks and metal) and (torch) fire to make primarily sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. She seeks to represent the influences of history, technology, extravagance, and media on nature, conceptions of beauty, and Postmodern culture in general.
Jenvy is inspired by the unique character of individual gemstones, and seeks to highlight the spirit, including the beautiful “flaws” of every piece of Gaia. In general, she feels closer to nature in the presence of shiny little pieces of earth. In one word, Jenvy would define her inspiration as “flaws”… inclusions on the insides of crystals, the crevices and patterns in high matrix gemstones, the imperfections in our culture, the imperfections in our bodies, and the imperfections in our inner lives. Despite the negative connotation of the word, Jenvy believes that it is the flaws in a rock, or in a person that make them special, that illustrate the beautiful diversity of all beings, and are thus deserving of the utmost respect and admiration.

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