Jennifer Laurel Keller

Condor Cruises

In this day and age, it’s so common for people to feel disconnected from nature, creative expression, and their inner guidance. Through art and creativity, Jennifer helps people reconnect with these values. In the early years of her art career, she used to get terrible artist’s block. She would sit around for days and weeks trying to think up how to make profound art, only to remain stagnant and depressed. It wasn’t until she realized how to see the world as an inspiring place that she began to find inspiration everywhere.
It’s not about thinking up the next new show-stopping statement piece. It’s about tapping into the world around her. Whether she is looking at the ocean or little things, like a weed growing up through the concrete, she now understands that there is beauty in everything. She enjoys a few styles of painting. She likes intuitive painting, meaning she doesn’t premeditate what her paintings will look like when they’re done. She often hears from viewers and collectors that her art makes them feel happy. These have an uplifting, mystic, and playful energy. Through letting go of trying to control the outcome, she allows herself to play and see what emerges through the many layers of her paintings. She also enjoys more traditional styles using acrylic paint. She loves capturing nature’s beauty in her paintings, especially sea and landscapes, water close-ups, and florals. Deep down she believes that art is a window to the soul. If we let go of our creative blocks and express from a place of wonder and love, we discover an entire world that comes from within. She works with acrylic paint because it’s forgiving. Layering is a major theme in her work. Acrylics dry fast and they also allow her to use found objects. She often adheres decorative floral fabric to her canvases as well as embroidery found in hand-made dresses and that she gets at thrift stores. She loves repurposing things that have been cast aside by reinventing them in a fresh way.

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