Jenn Bartell


I am very outgoing and will talk to most anyone. I love mexican food, hot dogs, and pretty much anything with cheese. Im constantly trying to eat healthy real foods, but when i’m on the run, sometimes I get lazy with my food choices. I am a mom to two boys, a wife to one of my best buddies from high school, and a owner of 2 goofy dogs. We live in East Sacramento in a 100 year old home. We love doing home projects, but usually only finish them to the 90% mark. I love the hustle and bustle of life. I feel like I need a break sometimes, but then when I get one, and choose to fill it with tons of events or outragous ideas. I have come to terms with the fact that I need the busy… and busy is my friend.
I have known I wanted to be a photographer since before highschool. I went to Sac high (out of my district) because they had a photography program and I soaked up all I could. (all film back then) It was so fun being in the darkroom, developing film, the chemicals… I went on to a photography college in Santa Barbara and graduated with a BA in commercial advertising photography in 2005. There I learned all the techincal tools I needed and now use to be creative in my photography. I have been running my own business (at first on the side of nannying) for 12 years. The last 9 years it has been my full time job. I am so grateful I get to do what I love as my carrer.
I love getting to know clients over years of photographing their families and watching their kiddos grow. Its been so amazing. I hope to get to know you as a client soon!
The four of us, (soon to be 5..): I knew even as a teenager when I was babysitting other families kids, that one day I was going to absolutely love photographing my own children. Now that I am mother of two happy and crazy boys, 5.5 and 3, with a 3rd baby on the way…I couldn’t have been more right about loving to photograph them. They bring me to practice new skills, techniques, and documenting their lives has been the biggest joy of my life so far. They definitely keep me on my toes in the photography world as well as our everyday world.
Calvin is my oldest. He is a goof ball and loves to make you laugh. He can be sweet but he also has a 5 year old boy side that brings him to do some off the wall things. Its been really fun seeing him start Kindergarten this year. He loves to learn and is such a little sweetheart.
Archer (Archie) is my youngest and he is just a beast. He climbs, on everything! I swear he tricks us to clean up a mess and then runs behind our backs to the nearest dangerous thing to climb and stands there with a smile until you turn around. He will do anything for a laugh, but he usually does not have to try too hard because he is just naturally hillarious. Hes a giant teddy bear who loves to giggle.
Baby 3 as we are calling them now is due in Jan. We are waiting to find out if its a girl or a boy. We are so excited for whats in store once this baby arrives.
And then there is Justin.. the best husband ever! We went to highschool together and were always great friends. We made each other laugh a loooot in classes. I was living in SD in 2008 (8 years after highschool) and Justin was sent to SD for an job. We hung out as old friends and 3 months later I was moving back to Sacramento to start our life together. It was such a fun roller coaster and to see where we are now is amazing. I love him to death and he is the rock of our family.

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