Jeffery Bagshaw


Art has been the outlet of this young artist’s imagination since he could talk. Jeffery grew up realizing he could express his thoughts and emotions through creating with his hands, every chance he got he would create something new. His artistic path led him toward street art and graffiti. After taking some time to explore the different outcomes of mixed medias and taking chances with far fetched ideas he found his true calling. A few years back while adventuring through his travels and curious mind he stumbled upon a music festival with live painting. He fell in love with idea of having a community of people expressing themselves through art and music, while having it all mesh so nicely together. Jeffery has strived for the chance to be considered an artist and show people what he loves to create. Taking his art to a more professional level has been his drive. Working on several pieces on canvas and setting up local murals in Sacramento, CA. Jeffery’s art is set to make you feel emotions that you thought were never possible. Come explore what this artist has to offer.



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