Jayson Angove

Jayson Angove, 27, has been playing music for two decades. He initially started with the piano at the young age of six, and throughout these last 21 years, has also learned to play the guitar, bass, and drums. Angove is currently active in five groups as a live musician: “Humble Wolf” (on Unboxed Records) with whom he is the lead songwriter, lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and also plays keys. He also plays with Position Music Signed Group “Band and Ship” where he plays guitar, keys, drums and vocals. He plays guitar, keys and sings backup for “Rebecca Peters.” He plays Guitar and Sings the duo “Biggs and Wedge,” and finally he plays drums for the cover band Thunder Cover.
Angove has also played with bands like Thomas and Plecker, Derek Thomas, Jeremy Briggs, Abbey Sky, Pointdexter and Devin Wright. Angove is also a studio musician for all of these groups. In addition to his impressive live and studio music resumé, Angove also teaches piano, guitar, bass, and drums to more than thirty students at One Eleven Music School. In 2013 Angove received his first endorsement from MTD Kingston Basses. In 2014 he received his second endorsement with Stonebridge Guitars. In 2015 he received his third endorsement with Elixir Strings.

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