Jaya King

Jaya KingJaya King is a California native based out of Sacramento. Her dynamic encaustic semi-abstracts marry both balance of technique and personal connection to the viewer. Jaya regularly lectures to art organizations across California. Her popular painting workshops give students the opportunity to grow as artists, face their fears and express their individuality.
Currently, “Encaustic In-Depth: Beyond Black & White” ranks as her most influential, technique-driven and introspective workshop. Her enthusiasm for painting is infectious and it propels her and her students down a path of inspiration and understanding through creation. In 2016 Jaya developed an encaustic scholarship program which gives high school students the opportunity to explore this amazing medium. She has been featured in Encaustic Arts Magazine, Sacramento’s Inside Publications magazine, Girls On The Grid and Sacramento Magazine. Her work has been published in Juxtapoz Magazine, Splash 11: New Directions, Incite 3: The Best of Mixed Media, and in Art Journey Animals: A Collection of Inspiring Contemporary Masterworks. At age 24 she was invited to do a solo show at Stanford University and she is in the permanent collection at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California. She looks forward to her February art show at Beatnik Gallery in Sacramento showcasing her new collection of large-scale fierce femme portraiture.

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