James & Stefani Hays

We are James & Stefani Hays. We have been married for over 17 years and started Enchanted Images nearly 15 years ago. We have two daughters, Reilly & Teagan, who inspired us to capture both the big and small moments in life. For us, photography isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life and who we are. We have learned over the years that the images we are privileged to create only become more valuable as time passes. We are so excited to be able to capture the important milestones in life–a marriage, an expectant mother, a brand-new baby, the last smile with baby teeth, a high school senior before they venture off into the world. While those moments are priceless, so are the relationships we often form with our clients.
James is the photographer and creative mind, and I (Stefani) take care of most of the client and business-y stuff so he can keep his focus where it needs to be–creating beautiful images our clients will treasure forever. James has received numerous awards for his work, both locally and nationally, and teaches around the country at various photography conferences and workshops. He is most recognized for his romantic and cinematic style with unique lighting, while maintaining the true spirit of those he is photographing. As serious as he is about technical perfection, the most common words we hear at the end of our portrait sessions are “that was fun!”
At the end of the day, we love what we do and feel extremely blessed to call this our “job.” As such, being involved and giving back in our community is very important to us. We try to use our talents in whatever ways we can to help out our schools and local charitable organizations.

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