Jack Storms

If you would have asked a 12-year-old Jack Storms what he wanted to do with his life, he’d have paused, then blurted a vague answer, something akin to ” I don’t know. Art?” He’d always been good at it. The passion was there, too—an excess of it, even. Taking his guidance counselor’s advice to pursue art, Jack took up the major, along with a minor in art history with a studio emphasis. But the more he learned about art, the more he realized just how much he wanted to make a name for himself in the field—a field that’s been explored to the point of exhaustion throughout history. What Jack Storms didn’t know then was that he’d discover something that would push back the frontiers of contemporary art in a significant way.
During his junior year at Plymouth State University, Jack snagged a job working for a glass artist who’d been experimenting with a technique that captured Jack’s imagination—combining lead crystal and dichroic glass using a cold-glass process. There was a moment of revelation. After all, the glass art arena is largely dominated by glassblowers who tackle the medium while molten. Fascinated by its potential, Jack spent a year learning the ropes of the technique. But to Jack, there was always more—more aspects to dig into, more ideas to sift through, more designs to test out and call his own.

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