Jack Spareribs


Jack AKA: Ace Miles has been performing magic professionally since 1976. His career began with performances for corporate parties and picnics in the Silicon Valley. This quickly expanded to include school, church and library shows as well as adding juggling to his list of talents. In 1978 Ace made his first television appearance on Evening Magazine while working as the resident magician at the Great America Theme Park in California. Several summer seasons performing both strolling and on stage at the amusement park eventually led to Ace producing, directing and performing his own themed stage shows for Paramount’s Great America in the late 90’s. One being the Indiana Jones spoof “Adventure Ace and the Test of Doom!”. In the early 80’s Ace started studying ventriloquism and soon created the character Dudley the Talking Rabbit. Ace quickly became an expert ventriloquist and Dudley went on to become a huge hit in all of Ace’s shows. The highlight of the ventriloquism act is an original bit of business called “the Voice Switch”. Now that Ace is a pirate, the rabbit has been transformed into a monkey. Over the years Ace has been seen in numerous television spots and commercials for companies like Toyota and appearances on the Disney Channel, Mornings on 2 and the A&E network’s Good Time Cafe with Ellen DeGeneres, Some of Ace’s strangest skills involve lying on a bed of nails, eating fire, swallowing swords and razor blades, unicycle riding, stilt and rope walking and escaping from straightjackets.

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