In Memory Of Our Beloved Leader Deepak Sharma

It’s time to find the strength to share the news, our beloved leader Deepak Sharma passed away November 17, 2020, after a long battle of fighting injustices in Sacramento’s Business Community, Legal and Medical System. The injustices Deepak experienced in the Masonic Temple Building, greatly contributed to his terminal illness, the void our family and community will always feel in his absence. It’s difficult to put into words and to share Deepak’s story, there was so much to him and it will take a lifetime of honoring his legacy through sharing his story. His legacy could best be described by the word’s Magnum Opus. Deepak was a spiritually evolved soul that was on a mission to serve humanity during these dark times. He was a light to so many artists and entrepreneurs who are the leaders of Sacramento’s Diversity Movement.
Deepak Sharma is the visionary behind Talent Magazines, Ancient Arts, and Help Fight Poverty. He died never being recognized for his work from Sacramento. For the 16 years, he contributed to Sacramento’s Business Community and Creative Economy, many of the trends you see today in the arts and digital media would not be possible without the leadership of Deepak. He is Sacramento’s best-kept secret, not by choice, by exclusion from City Leaders.
Deepak was experienced in International Business; his background was in Digital Media, Arts, Publishing, Broadcasting, Film Making, Technology, Oil, Clothing Manufacturing, and many more industries. In a lot of ways, moving to Sacramento was the biggest mistake of Deepak’s career due to Sacramento being in the infancy stages of technology innovation, support for local talent, and lack of representation in leadership from Entrepreneurs from the Diversity Movement.
Sacramento is not set up for Self Made Entrepreneurs to succeed. Sacramento is designed for Entrepreneurs to be dependent on the government and the only Entrepreneurs that succeed locally are funded at City Hall, if you are not in that circle, the business community will not support your business. Deepak always felt like an outsider in Sacramento, after the 16 years he contributed to downtown, he always had to earn an income outside of Sacramento..
Whatever struggles Deepak was going through, he always carried himself with humility and grace, he never gave up the fight for his dreams, even to his very last breath, he was determined to overcome and that the good would win, he never lost hope. Deepak had the spirit of a champion, no matter how much he was attacked by the system, he accepted his fate, always held his head high, and never forgot who he was before Sacramento before he relocated from Las Vegas to Sacramento.
Deepak’s legacy will continue on with Help Fight Poverty, Talent Magazines, and Magnum Opus becoming a global movement, with or without the support of Sacramento.
It’s time to recognize Deepak for his contributions to Sacramento, he sacrificed his life to help many Entrepreneurs, talents, events, arts organizations, and community-based organizations in Sacramento. At every turn even the people Deepak helped took the recognition that Deepak had earned based on the merits of his work and community contributions. He forgave everyone who did this to him, but deep down it was a source of pain and contributed to his heart condition. Nothing will ever bring Deepak back, I hope in sharing a small part of his story, Sacramento will recognize the suffering that was caused to Deepak, the inequalities in Sacramento impacted every aspect of his life, business and personal relationships, his heart condition progressing over time to a disability to final stages of terminal illness, his staff and all of his family were negatively impacted. He had many communities around the world that depended on him, that were negatively impacted by Sacramento’s lack of integrity and equity in the business.
Deepak’s greatest dream was to create jobs for women experiencing poverty in Sacramento, not just Sacramento but around the world. Deepak had a theme in the course of his 38 years in the technology industry, he always hired women who needed a break in life over women from privilege. In everything Deepak did, he was a true humanitarian and was a servant to the poor. Deepak will always be remembered in business as old school in his values, but very modern and worldly with his experiences. Mariah Lichtenstern Walebowa described him best “ As a Renaissance man” Deepak had a way he carried himself when he walked in a room, friends would call it the “Deepak strut“ he exuded confidence but carried himself with humility and kindness. He had a diva side that would come out from his days of Co-Hosting and Producing a Television Show Interviewing A-List Talent from the Movie Industry. He was brilliant behind the camera his style of journalism had a way of getting information out of the talent he was interviewing in a very subtle way. He was always the best dress and was very handsome and excluded charisma.
If there is one thing I can share with City Leaders, Deepak had many privileges when he came to Sacramento, when he passed he lost many of those privileges to the systemic problems in Sacramento’s Business and Legal System. He never got the break he deserved from Sacramento, his work featured over 300,000 talents nationwide and Talent Magazines produced almost 8,000 Digital Magazines. No other magazine in Sacramento contributed what Deepak did to the Digital Movement or Technology Industry. Can you imagine what Deepak could have done, had he been supported by Sacramento? Sacramento still has time to get it right in supporting one of the Greatest Technology Leaders of our time, let’s give Deepak the send-off he deserves based on the merits of his work.
Deepak Sharma is the businessman that put local talent on the map in Sacramento, over 13 years ago, long before it was trendy or cool, most trends in our Creative Economy came from him.
Deepak was excluded from his own movement and was never recognized by the leaders that colonized his life’s work. The legacy of supporting local talent belongs to Deepak Sharma and its long overdue for the community to recognize his contributions to the Creative, Digital Media, Technology, Mural, Fashion, and Diversity Movement. He believed in these movements so much, he was willing to sacrifice his life for it.
Talent Magazines is interested in covering stories from local talent and entrepreneurs that have been impacted by the Diversity and Inclusion Crisis. You can submit your information and a representative from Talent Magazines will contact you for an interview in March’s Edition.

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