Igor got into photography in 2010 when he got so busy with his work that he did not even have time for his family, especially his daughter who was still young. Due to his busy schedule, he missed seeing her grow. So he bought a camera and asked his wife to click pictures so that he can see them grow when his second boy was born. This was the accidental beginning of his photography career. Soon, his relatives began asking him to do photoshoots for them and the word of mouth spread. He met a lady in a salon who suggested that he could even try and do a photo shoot for the models at a fashion show. She invited him to one of the photoshoots, where he took pictures of models along with several other photographers.
It was at this first model photo shoot that he realized that he has a thing for fashion photography. Fashion is the idea or talent to capture and create the unique look that nobody has ever seen. You create the perfect model, you put it together, the makeup artist, designer, and photographer which makes a person feels to be that person, says Igor. While shooting for an event like Sacramento Fashion week or any runway, he observes and does it in a different way using a wide lens, rather than using long lens what the other photographers are using. Lighting is his main aspect for a shoot. While shooting for a lookbook, the environment necessary to get the most out of the model depends on the lens for capturing that perfect picture.
Igor believes preparation is the key for big shoots. You communicate with the models and designer what exactly they expect, make sure your equipment works and how you make the timeline for it to go smooth, he says. Igor’s favorite shot is the wide angle shot including the people. He finds it very interesting and enjoys capturing everything – the crowd, the action that’s going on, the energy, the excitement of the event that’s going on. Besides fashion photography, Igor likes to shoot weddings.
He loves capturing other people in their own styles which are exactly what they hire a professional photographer for. He loves to create those moments with them as it is their once in a lifetime event and is quite different from the fashion photo shoot where it’s the models and designer?s style which other artists create. Igor has made few videos which he enjoyed. He started in high school making films, dialogues and then got into photography. He has been working on a script past 2 years but had to stop as the crew moved away but we will for sure see his documentary modeling it in the near future. If you work hard it pays off and people will notice it and you will be rewarded for it, says Igor.

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