Gotcha Covered

Gotcha Covered is a band covering a wide variety of hit music. They play the top hits of every genre from the 70’s to today. Exploding vocals, combined with powerful harmonies, bring every song to life.
They take the extra effort to make the songs sound like you’re listening to the original artists LIVE. Multiple keyboards and synthesizers make their song collection extraordinarily broader than any other band you’ve heard. If your club or bar needs the infectious allure of a raucous journey through the ages of party music- they GOTCHA COVERED. Rock, pop, country, up-tempo, or laid back, there’s something everyone will love. The sparkling presence of Laura and her sharp dressed men filling the room with smiling faces and dancing feet will make the choice of who to book for your next big night a simple matter. The testimonials, nominations, and awards fall short of describing the live experience of familiar tunes played with attitude and alacrity that is unmatched amongst the throngs of copy bands out there. They pack the other houses, so why isn’t GOTCHA COVERED packing yours?

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