Gerry Simpson

The key to Gerry’s success is he believes in sharing and caring. Most of the words in this article came directly from Gerry, with the purpose of rewriting a new history for Sacramento.
“Sacramento is supposed to be the most diverse city in the country according to News Week Magazine. If you look at the artwork in downtown it doesn’t speak to that. If you decide you want to have a party and allow everyone to come to the party, that party is going to be greater because you allowed everyone to come, everyone is there and has an input, everyone can say something. If its only one person or one type of people at that party, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be boring. Because those people are so used to it, nothing new comes from it. When you get a bunch of new people in the room, a new idea can happen, one that you might have been thinking about, but the other person might help you bring it home. People have got to stop being afraid of people. That’s what’s happening right now, we are in a situation where we are designing ourselves to be afraid of people, when it’s not the case. For the most part the people you are afraid of are not even paying attention to you, because they are too busy trying to live their lives. It’s like what you see out here, everybody is trying. People that have are always thinking, they are so afraid of other people getting, so they want to shut everyone down. Everyone has a horse to ride, sometimes some horses are bigger, so when you get on the big horse, you don’t see what’s below you. You tend to ride high on your horse and stay there.
There’s a disease in America called sameness, everyone wants things to be the same, but we all don’t wear the same sizes, so we must be open enough to everybody. That’s it in a nutshell, if you share with me, I share with you. Look at the ideas that are out there. Where did most of the ideas that people are using come from, the people that you don’t want to come to the party? How are going to invite me to the party but don’t want me to dance? How are you going to invite me and steal my idea and then try and sell it back to me?”
Gerry’s work will be featured in “The Paparazzi Party” December 6th from 6pm to midnight. His denim fashion will be showcased on the runway, and his one of a kind artwork “GOS” that celebrates Gerry’s pride for his African American Culture. Tickets are on sale at general admission are $40 in advance, $60 at the door and $100 for VIP. All work visual art and his denim will be available for attendees to purchase.
Gerry Simpson started at time in American History, where he was told everything was wrong with his culture and African Americans did not have a place in our fashion and beauty industry. Everything Gerry was told to hide, he celebrates boldly and unapologetically, that is the genius in his work.
Gerry is a local artist who has contributed greatly to Sacramento’s Creative Economy and the models of Sacramento Fashion Week, including Producer Duane Ram. At one time Duane was one of Gerry’s students in the bay area along with Grace Ballesteros the original founder of Sacramento Fashion Week and Magnum Opus Production. Gerry Simpson was the innovator who started the Model Bootcamp for Sacramento Fashion Week.
There is no other Model Coach like Gerry Simpson in Sacramento or in the World. He can help guide and mentor young women in the right direction. With the Fashion Industry, it is very important models are guided in the right direction. Gerry Simpson is a father, husband, grandfather, business owner, community builder, fashion designer, photographer, model coach, visual artist, actor, voice over talent and an incredible person with so much to offer the world. There is no one like him in our fashion industry and it’s time to recognize him for his contributions to our Creative Economy and Sacramento’s Fashion Industry. This year, he was awarded The Icon Award from Fashion on Film from California Film Foundation and the Iris Award for Elk Grove Arts Commission.
From the Team at Talent Magazines, we appreciate your contributions to Sacramento Creative Economy!

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