Gary Michael Weinberg


Aka, Michael Geary and GWhiz, and the driving force behind the Northern California band The Thing Itself, GMW has been playing, writing and singing for nearly 40 years. From coast to coast since the early 70’s he has played his music, charming, delighting , and fascinating audiences along the way. He writes and performs in a wide array of genres, including rock, folk, blues, reggae, country, bluegrass and even a little gospel. His music can evoke such icons as Neil Young, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Prine, Shel Silverstein, Johnny Cash and even Adam Sandler but it is nonetheless difficult to categorize. It is by turns adult oriented and almost child-like, his lyrics mesmerizing and often hysterically funny. His themes range from love and loss, to redemption and survival and always finds a way to twist his ideas in ways that make listeners go “what did he just say?” Whether writing about the passing of his own father, his decades long relationship with his wife, Melanie, or his dogs lousy breath, his music is upbeat, life affirming and endlessly original.

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